Truth for Peace

Russia has been waging an illegal war of aggression against Ukraine since February 2014

Russia's military occupation of Crimea, invasion in Donbas region, and large scale offensive in 2022 are part of the same unitary war effort.



European Parliament RESOLUTION on recognising the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism 16.11.2022 - (2022/2896(RSP))



NATO Parliamentary Assembly Resolution in Resolution 479 called on member governments and parliaments of the North Atlantic Alliance to declare Russia under the current regime as a terrorist state. Resolution calls on creation of the International Tribunal to take collective action towards the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute

the crime of aggression committed by Russia with its war against Ukraine as well as to impose an obligation to make full reparation of damage loss or injury under international

compensation mechanism.



Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Resolution 2463 (2022) Further escalation in the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine declared the current Russian regime as a terrorist one.