Freedom is Ukraine

Save Ukraine to Save the World

Ukrainians are heroically defending their homeland and the free world from the evil of Putin's Russia. But each day that Russia is able to continue its war of obliteration against Ukraine, more of the country is razed to the ground. Russian terror is destroying more lives in the military occupied parts of Ukraine. Russian missiles are bringing death to the rest of the country. Millions of those who escaped the hell of war will have absolutely nothing to return to. The world is now doing a great deal to help Ukraine defend itself, but a great deal MORE is needed to stop the Russian menace to the world. We need united action to protect humanity from the fascist Russian regime threatening world peace. Together we can defend Life, Freedom, and Dignity.


NATO must act in Ukraine NOW!

Petition is addressed to: NATO nations

People from around the world call on the NATO nations to embrace their historical mission to protect the future of the free world by taking ACTION in Ukraine NOW. NATO must show resolve to stop humanitarian catastrophe caused by Russia's genocidal war.

Recognize Actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as Genocide

Petition is addressed to: US State Department

Putin is trying to wipe Ukraine and the Ukrainian people off the map because they refused to join his "Russian World". Let's demand that the U.S. State Department recognize that the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine constitute genocide and state terrorism and take action to stop it.

Ukraine’s cause is our cause too!

Petition is addressed to: German Chan­cel­lor

Ukraine is fighting for security and the democratic future of Europe. Support Ukraine by rapidly equipping Ukraine with all the weapons it needs to repel the Russian invasion; by imposing embargo on Russian energy; by opening a binding prospect of accession to the European Union for Ukraine.

Grant EU candidate status to Ukraine

Petition is addressed to: European Union Member States

Ukrainian civil society organizations call on European Union member states to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine, without any delays or conditions. This will be a decisive recognition of Ukraine’s continuous reform achievements endorsed by the EU, as well as a powerful gesture of support to the people of Ukraine, who are now defending freedom and democracy on the frontline of Russia's war.

Expel Russia from the FATF and add it to the FATF’s “Black List”

Petition is addressed to: Financial Action Task Force

The Financial Action Task Force – as the key international body responsible for fighting money laundering and terrorist financing – should take decisive and immediate steps in response to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

Provide direct military assistance to Ukraine

Petition is addressed to: Government of Canada

Immediately provide further lethal weapons and supplies to the defence of Ukraine. Immediately urge NATO allies and Ukraine-friendly countries to close the airspace over Ukraine. Deploy peacekeeping troops in Ukraine, provide direct military assistance to Kyiv and support the Ukrainian people.

Support a no fly zone in Ukraine

Petition is addressed to: Government of Canada

Support Ukraine in the defence of its sovereign territories, including support to enforce a no fly zone.

Impose a full trade embargo on Russia

Petition is addressed to: Government of Canada

Support Ukraine by imposing a full trade embargo on Russia, providing anti-aircraft, anti-rocket and naval weapons systems, and enact further economic sanctions.

The world needs an honest American Russia policy

Petition is addressed to: US government

The world cannot afford another American “reset” with Russia. As long as the Kremlin deliberately undermines the global security order, it should be treated as other rogue nations that threaten world peace. We can stop Putin together. We appeal to the United States to regain its will to protect world democracy.