Freedom is Ukraine
Save Ukraine to Save the World

Ukrainians are heroically defending their homeland and the free world from the evil of Putin's Russia.

But each day that Russia is able to continue its war of obliteration against Ukraine, more of the country is razed to the ground.

Russian terror is destroying more lives in the military occupied parts of Ukraine.

Russian missiles are bringing death to the rest of the country.

Millions of those who escaped the hell of war will have absolutely nothing to return to.

The world is now doing a great deal to help Ukraine defend itself, but a great deal MORE is needed to stop the Russian menace to the world.

We need united action to protect humanity from the nazi Russian regime threatening world peace.

Together we can defend Life, Freedom, and Dignity.


NATO Must Act in Ukraine NOW!

Petition is addressed to: NATO nations

People from around the world call on the NATO nations to embrace their historical mission to protect the future of the free world by taking ACTION in Ukraine NOW. NATO must show resolve to stop humanitarian catastrophe caused by Russia's genocidal war.

Public Appeal by Ukraine's Civil Society to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Petition is addressed to: German Chancellor

Ukraine's military prowess and determination to fight a larger nuclear-armed enemy cannot serve indefinitely as Europe’s shield against Russia’s expansionism and its quest for overturning international order. The EU and NATO member states must finally start acting with full resolve to bring about a joint victory over Russia.

Put Putin on Trial

Petition is addressed to: World leaders

Hold Putin and his accomplices accountable for their illegal invasion of Ukraine by creating a new Special Tribunal for the punishment of the crime of aggression. Support the International Criminal Court’s investigation into Russian war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. There will never be peace without accountability.

Recognize Actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as Genocide

Petition is addressed to: US State Department

Putin is trying to wipe Ukraine and the Ukrainian people off the map because they refused to join his "Russian World". Let's demand that the U.S. State Department recognize that the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine constitute genocide and state terrorism and take action to stop it.

Ukraine’s Cause Is Our Cause Too!

Petition is addressed to: German Chan­cel­lor

Ukraine is fighting for security and the democratic future of Europe. Support Ukraine by rapidly equipping Ukraine with all the weapons it needs to repel the Russian invasion; by imposing embargo on Russian energy; by opening a binding prospect of accession to the European Union for Ukraine.

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Don't Fund the Russian Army

Pressure International Companies to Break Ties with Russia. Doing business in Russia means sponsoring Moscow's aggression against Ukraine. Even after Russia was recognized as a terrorist state and its criminal actions in Ukraine as genocide, many international companies continue to fuel Putin’s bloody war machine with money. Help send the message to those businesses refusing to exit Russia.

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HelpUkraine.Center is a volunteer Storage Center, where humanitarian and medical aid for Ukraine can be sent from all over the world. About 100 to 150 volunteers work in the Center in Poland daily. The Center is coordinating the distribution of aid with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine. It also accepts donations for purchasing medications and other necessary humanitarian aid.

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SpivDiia - is a national wide platform based on support centers network in almost all regions of Ukraine that unites volunteer, state, and business initiatives for humanitarian aid and support services to the citizens of Ukraine during the war.

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Our Partners

ANTS – National Interests Advocacy Network

ANTS mission is to fully prepare Ukraine for NATO and the EU membership. National Interests Advocacy Network is focused on implementing and promoting reforms, fighting corruption, and defending Ukraine from Russian aggression.


International Center for Ukrainian Victory

ICUV is a collaboration project of expert Ukrainian NGOs to mobilize the world for Ukrainian victory in Russian war.


The Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”

The Сentre for Global Studies Strategy XXI is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society organization which conducts research on global energy policies and international security, with a focus on the development of energy relations in the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and Baltic Sea regions, Central Asia, and the European Union.